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last updated at 2009-10-08 17:15
danbri: What would it take to make one of these handle rdfa?
danbri: I mean, introduce a notion of the 'thing the current text is about' ... and some UI for adding properties and typed rels?
danbri: And what can be done to help....
Phurl: The patent danger survey
drewp: a different company dealing with "civic" data, but they gather it themselves
timbl: "Becoming the latest municipality to fling open stores of data, New York City yesterday released 194 datasets--on everything from restaurant inspections and property sales to traffic data and the locations of laundry facilities. The city also launched a $20,000 competition to develop software applications using this data"
timbl: [...]"Beth Noveck, director of the White House open-government initiative, says criticism of the Big Apple's initial effort is premature. "We need to remind people that [the White House data-release site] started with 47 datasets, quickly jumped to 100,000 and is taking off from there," she says. "So it's wonderful that New York started this and followed the president's lead in making government more open." She expects the city's effort to grow
timbl: Yesssss Keep it coming ...
timbl: terms of use
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