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last updated at 2009-09-21 23:44
tobyink: Line 26 will result in some literal and some non-literal bindings for ?o.
tobyink: Line 29, in an OPTIONAL block treats ?o as the subject of a triple. This seems to cause Virtuoso to discard bindings where ?o is a literal.
tobyink: Jena, ARC2 and 4store do not discard bindings where ?o is a literal, so, going with the majority, Virtuoso seems to be in the wrong.
tobyink: (I'm using Virtuoso Open Source Edition, 6.0 TP 1)
iand: Seven ways in which spammers can attack Linked Data systems
bengee: translates basic SPARQL+ INSERT/DELETE queries into Platform changesets
bengee: uses ARC2's Reader for the required HTTP Digest AUTH
bengee: rather inefficient (no nonce counter yet), but does the job
ldodds: provides some simple RDF classes that are based on the ARC2 class library
ldodds: Moriarty is used in production on a number of Talis apps
tobyink: I've recently been reviewing which triple stores support enough SPARQL to run demiblog. Results so far not as good as I'd hoped.
tobyink: I didn't think my queries were that complicated.
tobyink: I think Virtuoso is the next one to try.
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