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last updated at 2009-09-18 23:57
danja_: Wall Street Journal piece
akozak: Phone/cable companies might now want the gov't telling them how to run their network, but I don't want the phone/cable companies deciding what applications I can run.
melvster1: twine semantic web search engine + screencast
melvster1: "Most people are just not going to learn RDF, it's too complicated, so we do it for them"
melvster1: "We will make it available via API and as linked data"
melvster1: powered by RDF and OWL
melvster1: Webmasters and app developers all over the Web will be able to participate in building this index. It’s kind of an inverse of Google.
Anchakor: the article had an informative comment about related techcrunch article, now I did refresh and it's gone...
danja_: pretty old - did this get more RDFized?
PovAddict: this document looks "abandoned"... when was it last edited?
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