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last updated at 2009-09-11 15:40
mhausenblas: What is Linked Data? by Richard Cyganiak
mhausenblas: can you explain linked data in roughly one minute? cygri can :D
danbri: "This set of definitions allows us to shift the burden of effort in creating a FRBRized catalog from defining specific entities of the four classes with explicit relationships from one level to the other (which, I believe is the assumed work process) to simple entry of values for facets associated with production, realization and intellectual property metadata on a per-item basis."
danbri: AAAI Spring Symposium on Linked Data Meets Artificial Intelligence
danbri: Using Jan Grant's old code, which runs very nicely in fast modern js engines :)
danbri: The QL is ugly though... no ns prefixes...
danbri: eg. {} (DOC,CREATOR), {} (DOC, TITLE), {}(DOC,DESCRIPTION).
libby: demo page
tobyink: mhausenblas' WoDo idea which is still at a very early stage
danbri: Just sent to the NYC semweb meetup list
danbri: " I've been programming for several decades, but I'm relatively new to ontology development in general and OWL in particular. So, I'm certainly not an expert on the range of work in this area. However, I think I see some areas where programming best practices and tools could provide useful "safety nets" for OWL-based ontology developers. "
libby: you can run it direct from svn in firefox and safari
libby: see also techncal notes
libby: I would like to be able to use curies too. that'd be neat
danbri: version
'Using OWL for Forms, Validation, and Application Profiles for RDF' by Damian Steer at xtech 2005
libby: Seminal paper on this topic, now sadly lost
ldodds: a testing framework for RDF by Alistair Miles. Uses SPARQL to test for graph patterns
libby: ah didn't realise it was framed as testing - nice
ldodds: would be nice to see this implemented using SPARQL. Will need SPARQL 1.1 (or extensions though) for things like counting
Shepard: CWA validation in Pellet
ldodds: blog post from Pete Johnston discussing DC application profiles, testing graph patterns, and an example impl. using schematron
tobyink: I use SPIN in a very trivial way for my SPARQL endpoint. e.g. run SELECT * WHERE { ?res ?prop "Toby Inkster" } at <> requesting a content type of text/turtle
libby: Danbri making the point that it's more useful to break it down by domain too
gromgull: fancy colours all around.
gromgull: some description
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