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last updated at 2009-09-09 20:47
Government Data panel
libby: very useful says Tom :-)
Tom Heath on Linked Data - the story so far
libby: preprint of the paper (pdf)
libby: Tom in action
libby: some open data isn't linked; some linked data isn't open; this is fine. sometimes 'open' may frighten people who might like linked data
libby: we need to get licensing in order
libby: quality of linked data can be variable; availability and stability is important
libby: we need applications
libby: a). if I knew I wouldn;t tell you b). there may not be a linkeddata 'killer app' - it might just make things easier c). they might be post hoc rationalisations. so, shh, unless you can back it up
PovAddict: The innovator's solution (book) - useful for some sort of framework for this, worth a read
libby: some markets have massive incumbents who can adapt quickly - e.g. structured data search engine; ratings / review site that exprts rdf; new CMS with linked data support
libby: Low-end disruption at low cost is more fruitful, e.g. the daily mail less well
libby: or new market disruption, like desktop photocopiers
libby: enabling something that lots of people are not doing now, but would like to. like Garlik - analysis of credit ratings that's been inaccessible to us
libby: others are left as an exercise to the user :-)
libby: we need to change our success criteria - not number of triples but apps we can build.
libby: Tom's slides (pdf)
libby: Tom is worried that we end up losing momentum if we spend a great deal of time on, for example owl:sameAs
Future of journalism panel on now
tobyink: Very welcoming.
libby: "If you are trying to re-use some public sector information, but the data you need is locked-up, this service is for you."
danbri: "One way to assure consistency of metadata use is to require that values be taken from a controlled list. Controlled lists can be short ("yes" "no" "maybe") or they can be long (such as the Library of Congress Subject Headings, which number about 250,000)."
danbri: This specification describes an information model and XML expression of a "Description Set Profile" (DSP). A DSP describes structural constraints on a description set, allowing for formal expression of the constraints of a Dublin Core Application Profile.
danbri: By design this is quite flat, simpler than full SPARQL ... but could be compiled down to SPARQL for those who want this.
danbri: Example: "The following DSP allows for two kinds of resources: a single "document", and multiple "authors". The Person resources may only occur as values of the dcterms:creator property, not stand-alone. The value may only be described in a separate description with a mandatory foaf:name property. "...
danbri: Work from the dublin core community, ... actually very important i think...
danbri: In fact that's not quite the spec i was after... Rummaging ....
danbri: ...which I just mentioned
tommorris: at Stanford University, 2010-03-21 - 2010-03-24
libby: the social life of data
libby: using rabbit mq among other things
libby: they would like help on getting more linked-y, esp cool vocabs to use
LeeF: (Originally prepared for Cambridge-area Semantic Web meeting)
tommorris: Presentation at Linked Data London Meeting.
libby: and see
swh: Keep is what Garlik currently use internally for their larger RDF stores
Phurl: AWOL
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