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last updated at 2009-09-07 17:40
tommorris: "User agents should ignore the profile content attribute on head elements. When the attribute would be used as a globally unique name, the user agent should instead always assume that all known profiles apply to all pages, and should therefore apply the conventions of all known metadata profiles to the document."
tommorris: That's completely and totally broken due to the (pig-headed?) lack of understanding on the part of the HTML/WHAT WG. "All known profiles"? What the fuck? That's like saying "if you don't link to a specific stylesheet, presume that all stylesheets apply". Imagine if said that any page to which has it as a profile extends hCard to state that the person represented in hCard is an employee of Google, and d
tommorris: But then it goes on to contradict itself: "When the attribute's value would be handled as a URL and dereferenced, the user agent may resolve the attribute's value, and if that is successful, may then fetch the resulting absolute URL and apply the appropriate processing."
tommorris: Imagine, then, a GRDDL processor. It hums around the web looking for stuff with profiles and then resolves them and applies them to the data within. It hits a familiar profile - say It finds this so often that it caches the processing it needs to do. At this point, it has gone from this second description of using profile ("would be handled as a URL and dereferenced") to the first ("used as a globally unique name" - as i
tommorris: I don't know enough about W3C politics: does the inclusion of this now make GRDDL compatible with HTML 5 or not? The situation is still a total mess.
tommorris: It also means that when people ask me how to do RDF-in-(X)HTML5, I can't give them any useful answer.
swh: ping swh if you want to attend
melvster: Triplification Challenge 2009 Winners
Shepard: The CIDOC Conceptual Reference Model as an OWL 2 DL ontology with stable URIs
Shepard: Again, feedback more than welcome!
tobyink: -
Shepard: New interpretations of Dublin Core models and terms using OWL 2 features
Shepard: Feedback very welcome!
tobyink: Nice!
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