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last updated at 2009-06-25 23:55
melvster: Linked Data - The Story So Far
timbl: -- Rick Murphy
timbl: There’s an important connection between LOD and President Obama’s Transparency and Open Government Directive (TOGD) [...] First, the Internet design principles share a common set of values with TOGD. [...] Second, LOD is the only way to achieve the three goals in the TOGD - transparency, participation and collaboration - at Internet scale.
tobyink: (redacted)
tobyink: Improvements include threaded conversations (danbri will like) and various fixes to the FOAF and RSS output.
tobyink: Also, notices may have attachments, plus there's apparently a two-way Twitter<=> bridge.
tobyink: And how could I forget... per user tagging. e.g. (each of which has an associated RSS 1.0 feed).
tobyink: Customisable profile appearance.
danja__: [I disagree with only 80%]
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