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last updated at 2009-05-01 17:27
timbl: "Semantic web" recognition: 0
timbl: "The storage method promotes semantic querying and reasoning over a complex network of relationships and concepts, called the DataNet."
timbl: Just announced at BioIT
timbl: Microsoft Amalga handles ontologies, all RDF & SPARQL based. Is that the beginning of a semantified corporate world? - ValeskaUX
tobyink: LoC better late than never.
tobyink: Think I'll start adding LCSH mappings to my DDC vocab <>
mhausenblas: how to demo without demoing it ;)
mhausenblas: quoting the description of it : 'The video of the whole presentation (1h 45min long) is here above, while down below you can find some highlights I transcripted from his speech. Unfortunately we can’t see the screen of the demo during the presentation.'
mhausenblas: I'd rather think 'intentionally' than 'unfortunately' ...
mhausenblas: I'm working on the semantics, lemme know if you have comments
mhausenblas: see also Media Fragments Semantics
mhausenblas: and the announcement on the W3C front page
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