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last updated at 2009-03-27 19:58
timbl: (why doesn't that load RDF in tabulator I wonder)
timbl: Ah... the property is which works
dajobe: Warning: PDF
dajobe: my summary - statistics and large data beat formalisims. semantic web fail
dajobe: so a bit tough if you don't have large data (aka are google)
dajobe: or lots of computers (aka are google)
dajobe: mostly this is about natural language side of things, ontologies being doomed for that kind of thing - they kind of say
dajobe: just my opinions from a quick skim. but don't forget as they say - people lie
FOAF+SSL works with RDFa!
tobyink: For example, my website is marked up with RDFa and includes information about my X.509 certificate.
tobyink: I can visit an HTTPS site, authenticating with my X.509 certificate. The site extracts my WebID from the certificate, looks at my website, finds the X.509 information and verifies that I am actually the person described by that website.
tobyink: No RDF/XML involved at any stage of the process.
tobyink: Implemented in CGI::Auth::FOAF_SSL 0.05
tobyink: I wonder if I get a takedown notice?
tobyink: LOD mapping between Dewey Decimal Classification, Library of Congress Classification, DBPedia and Wikipedia.
tobyink: Uses SKOS and VoiD mostly.
tobyink: Available as RDF/XML and N-Triples with a subset available as XHTML+RDFa.
tobyink: It's all compiled from existing data.
tobyink: Look! No BNodes!
Shepard: Now with 303 redirects
Shepard: It seems like a whole load of existing purls are broken now. Others still work fine.
Shepard: Broken links, a bunch of odd response headers... Seems like you can't do partial redirects on domains anymore. And while you can choose between all sorts of response headers this only works for single PURLs, not partial redirects (which still use 302).
tobyink: AJAXy interface a little annoying.
tobyink: As of this afternoon, seems to have reverted to old version of the site. URLs created using new version of site are not working.
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