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last updated at 2009-03-25 15:57
mhausenblas: generate your schema by example (you know the schemagen-sort of thing we know from the XML world)
mhausenblas: great work! the second shot after morph ... wondering if kwijibo gets enough sleep :)
mhausenblas: rdfs:seeAlso VoCamp list discussion
danbri: From NoTube discussions (named graphs and datastore sub-structure...)
danbri: Sorry it lacks accompanying explanation. Might re-do / blog it...
danbri: Basically just a pretty / childish picture of a stack of "layers" where each is an RDF graph, and common nodes bind the layers together
tobyink: Oooh! The pretty colours!
yvesr: Includes lots of RDF goodness, including categories RDF, SKOS for genres hierarchy, geolocation of places
danbri: Ooh, I know an EU project that'll be interested in all the RDFness...
yvesr: Still no conneg though, but autodiscovery links for RDF are provided in the HTML
tobyink: If you're outside the UK and want similar TV listings data (or if you're inside the UK and want the data for non-BBC channels), try XMLTV and this script. Mostly uses the same ontologies as the BBC data.
tobyink: Indicates that the object is a wiki page somehow related to the subject.
tobyink: This is roughly the same as foaf:isPrimaryTopicOf, but not quite as strong. It is not an inverse functional property.
Leaving: A big OWL file
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