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last updated at 2009-03-24 20:09
danbri: Not a fortune, but might be of interest to folk hereabouts...
danbri: I believe there's a deadline looming... ah front page has it, 30 march...
dajobe: Amsterdam, June 10-11 2009
dajobe: via Paul Groth
tobyink: Don't know if anyone else has noticed this. are in the process of changing backend software. Resolution is still working.
tobyink: Design requirements for new software
tobyink: Describe a SPARQL query and result in RDF.
tobyink: Describe a SPARQL query and result^W^W in RDF.
tobyink: Have improved representation of program broadcast times. Also added a bunch of rdfs:seeAlsos where I thought they might be useful.
mischat: ""
tobyink: foaf:made/foaf:maker problem fixed, and relationships vocab updated to latest URI.
mhausenblas: 'Congratulations to Dan Brickley and Anthony Broad-Crawford who have been elected by the DataPortability Project’s plenary as the two newest Steering Group members.'
mhausenblas: yeah, congrats from my side to danbri as well! this and the SocialWebXG/3 chairing should nicely play together ;)
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