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last updated at 2009-03-18 14:06
bijan: Up to Aus $11,000
bijan: I'm definitely afraid to blog down under
bijan: I hope the W3C is fighting this.
tobyink0: How do people know if they're linking to a banned page? Is the list of banned pages available online? If so, are people allowed to link to that list? Is the list itself illegal?
tobyink0: What if you link to some content on 1 Jan, and it is added to the list on 1 Feb? On 2 Feb will you be fined? Will you be fined for all 32 days?
Shepard: That would be the streisand effect all over again. Publish such a list and you draw attention to the pages. :-)
CaptSolo: that's just ridiculous (oh, and it is $11,000 per _day_)
CaptSolo: tobyink0: according to Slashdot the list of banned sites itself is secret and not subject to freedom of information requests
tobyink: I wonder if you could get away with it by using a link redirection service?
rdfs:subPropertyOf rdfs:subPropertyOf skos:broaderTransitive .
tobyink: true or false?
tobyink: Ditto.
tobyink: This has been around, but thanks to yvesr now there's an HTML version con'neg'ed
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