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last updated at 2009-03-02 19:26
mhausenblas: well done Tom. however, I'm more and more inclined to just ignore people who choose to ignore 'us'
mhausenblas: I don't see why we should justify at each and every possibility and on each bloody day
mhausenblas: let's get our work done and allow people to judge on the results rather than on our announcements ;)
danja: "This is a playground service that combines several Astronomical vocabularies with a MOAT server. The idea is to see if we can add semantic knowledge by "tagging" Astronomical resources such as blogs (Chandra, Bad Astronomy), press releases (Chandra), papers (ADS, astro-ph), and even pretty pictures. "
danja: orbiting observatory
danja: ""Chandra's ongoing mission is to study the X-ray Universe, including black holes, new stars, and clusters of galaxies""
danja: spreadsheet/rdf mapper
danja: "Splickr allows you to query for geotagged photos on Flickr. Drag the map, and zoom in or out until your area of interest is in view. Query on common name, scientific name, or both."
danja: "Spotter allows you to easily create RDF/OWL for species observations. It places a button on your Firefox toolbar that calls up a form with fields taken from our observation ontology (Observer, Reporter, Location, Common Name, Scientific Name, etc.). Upon submitting the form, an OWL observation record is created and stored on our server. You are presented with a link to the record, which you can then link to from your blog.
danja: "This weblog grows out of the Spire project, which is a research effort to explore applications of semantic web technologies to ecoinformatics and biodiversity conservation."
danja: Joel Sachs presenting - invasive species a huge environmental problem
danja: talk:title "Ecoinformatics, data integration and data mining"
danja: workshop, on now
mhausenblas: 'To facilitate a Web 3.0, an artifact is needed which enables a broad and heterogenous mass of people to share annotated data. loomp will be this artifact. LAMP compatible for "installation everywhere", easy to use, and linked data by only one click.' from the about page
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