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last updated at 2009-01-30 15:57
DanC: By John Lettice, the Register
DanC: <shellac> oh my, the register takes on rdfa and html5, with added drm
DanC: <libby> interestin'
DanC: noted under TAG issue-35: Syntax and semantics for embedding RDF in XHTML
DanC: hmm... one for the TAG Lines blog?
Shepard: A nice analogy that might help understanding voiD
tommorris: Free, not-boring unconference in London in March. RDF-heads, semanticists and webby people welcome.
tommorris: See if you aren't familiar with BarCamp.
tobyink: <> rdfs:subClassOf <> ?
libby: really great stuff
timbl: "For those familiar with the concept of one web, the importance of persistent URIs, REST, Domain Driven Design and Linked Open Data [this]'ll probably be old news."
libby: really great stuff
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