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last updated at 2009-01-09 20:17
kidehen: Server side Faceted Linked Data Explorer
kidehen: Start with Google search mentality but end up with navigation clarity of Linked Data
kidehen: This is an experimental Virtuoso instance running the Billion Triples challenge data set. This is the precursor to the LOD variant of this Virtuoso instance
kidehen: This will be online until switch to Virtuoso 6.0 re. DBpedia, Bio2Rdf, and NeuroCommons etc..
kidehen: Once we switch, this instance will go down to be replaced with an instance hosting the entire LOD data set collection on ESW Wiki
kidehen: For now, this is about demonstrating access to Unlimited Data in Interactive Time
kidehen: This is just the front to functionality within Virtuoso 6.0 that exists as a Web Service, Core Virtuoso PL Function etc..
kidehen: Ultimate goal being that UI developers can simply put some CSS & XSLT atop it for application specific purposes
kidehen: Details will follow in a few blog posts and possibly screencasts
bblfish: please update
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