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last updated at 2008-12-19 19:52
tobyink: Good comparison.
tobyink: Example jCard:
tobyink: Includes a link to a jCard schema:
tobyink: The schema itself includes a link to a jCard -> RDF/JSON transformation :
tobyink: And thus a jsonGRDDL agent can transform to RDF:
timbl_: By Ed Summers
timbl_: E.g. Mathematics alas doesn't give rdf to tabulator
tobyink: Tabulator ought to support RDFa?
danbri: "The aim of the EU FP 7 Large-Scale Integrating Project LarKC is to develop the Large Knowledge Collider (LarKC, for short, pronounced “lark”), a platform for massive distributed incomplete reasoning that will remove the scalability barriers of currently existing reasoning systems for the Semantic Web"
danbri: I heard a bit more about this yesterday, seems well worth investigating
MacTed: the entire LOD cloud will soon be loaded into a Virtuoso 6.0 (Cluster Edition) instance that will be available to the public
MacTed: to have your data set included, add it to the table (if it isn't already listed) or correct erroneous entries
MacTed: add a tarball or dump-directory URL to the "Archive URL" column
MacTed: include a Publisher URI in the "Publisher / Maintainer" column for use in constructing Attribution Triples
kennyluck: might be a good starting point for crawlers
kennyluck: when you add a URI with .uri -u
kennyluck: It converts to "thing rdfs:label 'label'" and writes this document
kennyluck: You might also want to try , which does not contain formula (N3 specialized datatype)
kennyluck: But it's not synchronized to the title N3 file at this momment
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