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last updated at 2008-12-02 21:51
mhausenblas: nice work, Daniel :)
Anchakor: Nice article though with few mistakes, mostly in the php code :)
presbrey: krb5 vocabulary from admin guide for
presbrey: connection pipeline limits for different browsers (defend birthday attack, http negotiate)
bblfish: published here
tommorris: Reddy is a (very primitive) RDF library for Ruby. Pushed it out onto RubyForge in the last few hours.
tommorris: If you've got Ruby and RubyGems on your system, you can install it by running "sudo gem install reddy".
tommorris: It doesn't do much: it parses RDF/XML pretty fast at the moment, but doesn't serialize it, nor does it do much with anything else. I'd love to have people working on it and contributing code.
tommorris: It's MIT licensed, and it's my first real open source contribution. :)
tommorris: If you want to contribute, you can do so at
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