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last updated at 2008-11-13 22:35
kidehen: ODS-Briefcase (aka. Linked Data + WebDAV + SPARQL variant of Mac OS X Spotlight and a little more
kidehen: Simply mount your ODS-Briefcase via DAV on any OS that supports WebDAV mounting, drop your resources in, and the Briefcase will organize
kidehen: all resources will be de-referencable via URI of the Data Space (i.e. ODS-Briefcase instance URI and/or Instance Owners URI)
kidehen: remember, ODS gets you a URI (Web ID) in 5 mins or less (via EC2, MyOpenLink.Net,, or your own installation etc..)
kidehen: so everything in Your Briefcase is foaf:made by "You" (i.e. pegged to your Web ID)
kidehen: Of course, you can use OAuth to control access to your Briefcase etc..
kidehen: So once if you subscribe to external blogs, wikis, and other places on the Web, you will see the data organized in your Briefcase.
kidehen: Basically the idea (since early Web 2.0 days) was to bring Web 2.0 to the Linked Data Web without any change of behavior. Just enjoy the access to Linked Data via URIs
kidehen: Simple, Live, and darn old demo at: (my FOAF profile page), notice the links to my Data Spaces of which Briefcase is one or look at:
kidehen: All the Web 2.0 stuff as Linked Data and no change in behavior (as in sign up for everything), but with the benefit of unified and structured access to my own data from my own data space
kidehen: Basically, I only need to know and remember my Web ID
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