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last updated at 2008-11-01 12:19
danbri: "The lesson: APP Implementors need to pay very close attention to authentication schemes. Auth is and will continue to be the most significant issue with APP interopability."
danbri: This post was pre-oauth; hence the questions/comments are about openid. OAuth came out of trying to use openid for such things...
danbri: "Authentication · It’s gonna be a problem. See James Snell. I think I’m going to have to write more on the subject."
danbri: I kinda got this running once, but was either confused or it wasn't entirely working right. Need ... more ... braincells....
timbl: How to set up a server that will accept writes by WebDav and auto check them in to SVN.
timbl: This looks like a wise way to run a back end to RDF based applications which save data by webdav
timbl: Now is they would add SPARQL/Update :) ..
kennyluck: Content-type: text/n3 was there.
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