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last updated at 2008-10-21 15:26
Artificially inflating the chump count.
libby: hah!
semantic web bots
libby: big brother
libby: sparqlbot
libby: foafbot
libby: irc logger and danbri's commentary of it
libby: turtle versions of various logs
libby: julie
libby: whwhwhwh
libby: warning: some of these are old and may not be running any more
libby: emeka (link is timing out for me)
libby: scribe-bot
FabGandon: version 1.0
libby: Jena
libby: fabgandon suggests making it smaller (if needed, I asked for a tiny one) by just using arp
libby: JRDF (Java RDF)
libby: Sesame
libby: there seems to have been something called aquamarine but the link seems dead
libby: A research project funded by the European Commission?s 7th Framework Programme
libby: foaf-y addressbook
timbl: Thomas R. Gruber and Gregory R. Olsen
timbl: In Jon Doyle, Piero Torasso, & Erik Sandewall, Eds., Fourth International Conference on Principles of Knowledge Representation and Reasoning, Gustav Stresemann Institut, Bonn, Germany, Morgan Kaufmann, 1994.
danbri: SWBPD WG note from 2005.
timbl: Avoids the problem of merging a ndoe to wned up with two values and two units.
timbl: Only uses 2 triples for a data value
timbl: :shoe :length 12^units:in in N3
timbl: Refers to
libby: if this is the right one, svante would like it reviewed
shellac: API docs. Feedback welcome.
libby: newly edited by danbri
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