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last updated at 2008-10-20 17:47
Shepard: Might be used to identify IRC users, type foaf:OnlineChatAccount.
Shepard: Older draft:
libby: in china
libby: for doing searches returning xml, json etc
libby: neat!
libby: search for mboxsha1sum doesn't find anything though - maybe it only searches for titles of vocabs?
libby: <iand>search for mbox_sha1sum works <libby>d'oh!
libby: also cool:
libby: for the diectionary
libby: a bit like:
libby: some places to find vocabs:
FabGandon: open source freeware
libby: reminds me a bit of
FabGandon: Call for Participation, 15-16 January 2009, Barcelona
FabGandon: Deadline for position papers 20 November
FabGandon: mentioned by Dan Brickley
FabGandon: Presentation by Harry Halpin
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