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last updated at 2008-10-16 21:53
tommorris: I've finally registered a Rubyforge project, and so as to avoid confusion with the original Rena, I've changed the name to Reddy - obligatory pompous motto: "making Ruby ready for the Semantic Web", or maybe "making the Semantic Web ready for Ruby", or more even sillier "like Freddy but the W3C couldn't come to a consensus on the 'F'".
tommorris: On a less frivolous note, the library may actually be getting somewhere close to usable. Hopefully we should have a Gem out in the next week or so - depending on my commitments. Bug reports, feature requests, cash, code and Amazon vouchers all warmly accepted.
leobard: Andreas Blumauer, Tassilo Pellegrini, September 2008
leobard: The Social Semantic Web is here - yay! The book of the same name, edited by Andreas Blumauer (right) and Tassilo Pellegrini, is now available in stores.
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