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last updated at 2008-10-15 19:02
earle: Good piece about the Thomson vs Zotero lawsuit and its implications for OpenCalais.
earle: "[N]ow that the “Semantic Web,” or “Web 3.0,” or the “Linked Data Web,” or the “Web of Really, That's How to Query Over an rdf:Bag?” or whatever they're calling it, is viable enough that you can't shrug off legal worries—now that the Semantic Web is no longer just a research project, if someone owns the taxonomy you're using and changes it up on you, what rights do you have in the matter?"
danja: now delegated - first volunteer is burningbirg
bblfish: has anyone developed ontologies that cover X509?
bblfish: there is wot:
bblfish: but it is quite specific to PGP, GPG
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