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last updated at 2008-08-31 17:22
timbl: Try it with tabulator
timbl: Needs ontology saying eg is a subproperty of rdfs:label.
timbl: Linked data has recently improved, uses hashes
timbl: (and )
timbl: Anyone feel like adding it into Tabulator
danbri: Can you outline where it would plug in?
timbl: Not obviosu which bits one needs
danbri: Is it easy to re-build the installation XPI? (do they need to be signed etc for Firefox 3?)
timbl: The tabulator extension is not signed, .. we couldn't wrap our heads round that though it would be a good thing to do. Signing tools not obvious
danbri: If someone provides you with an rdfa js function that took an url, and returned triples ... how should that work? eg. what representation of triples, ...?
timbl: If I give it the DOM root element of an HTML web page, and a pointer to a store in which to store the triples, it should parse the RDFa out.
timbl: As a title triple is added at line 96 of sources.js in tabulator
timbl: For developing tabulator, you can make yorufirefox use te version cheked out in SVN.
danbri: Agenda suggestions, short talks, etc still welcomed. Ping danbri.
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