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last updated at 2008-08-22 22:54
tommorris: Looks like this may currently be the most canonical response from W3C on the "OMG WTF HTML 5 breaks GRDDL" issue. Personally, I think we need to grasp this nettle now. The GRDDL WG should come to a decision and publish a Note called something like "GRDDL and HTML 5" which would specify how GRDDL is to be used with HTML 5.
tommorris: My personal preference is we use rel="profile", and check for URIs in both head/@profile and rel=profile - we then prepare patches for all the major GRDDL implementations that are open source and make good faith efforts to contact everyone who has implemented GRDDL and tell them that they should start checking for rel=profile too.
tommorris: While GRDDL has the (now distant) cloud of HTML 5 incompatibility looming, it has the potential to put authors off using it. On the other hand, with some of the new features HTML 5 has - I'm thinking of the new date-time element and the data-* attributes, GRDDL could work great if the W3C solve the politics of this ASAP.
tommorris: Also, contra to DanC's post, Hixie does not advocate rel=profile - see this IRC discussion.
drewp: for gromgull, an unrelated patch for simile timeplot to read json data
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