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last updated at 2008-08-20 23:20
tommorris: Piers has a write-up of how we rewrote the classes for literals this weekend at RailsCamp. We now have subclasses called Language and Encoding, and the Literal class now has two factory methods: #untyped and #typed. This takes the Rena library a fair bit closer to OOPey Design Patterns goodness.
tommorris: In other Rena news, I'm in the middle of rewriting the RDF/XML parser so that it does as follows: looks for LibXML and uses that (as it's really unbelievably fast), and if it can't find LibXML, uses REXML instead. The way that I'm writing it means that one of danbri's design objectives - having a library which can swap in different parsers in a snap.
tommorris: Contributions of code are welcome (GitHub, or e-mail me patches), as are bug reports (
tommorris: The current release plan is that I'll probably put out an official release (let's call it 0.1) once we have a working RDF/XML parser written in LibXML. With family commitments and a full-time academic schedule looming, I dare not say how long that is. The best way to make it happen quicker is to write code, write test cases, find and fix bugs.
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