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last updated at 2008-08-14 21:05
tommorris: If you are in London on Wednesday (2008-08-20), stop by the Yorkshire Grey pub, 29-33 Greys Inn Road, Holborn, to chat about Freebase and related topics.
tommorris: Do feel free to grab yourself an open source OpenID library, strip all the XRI/XRDS stuff out of it and release your modifications. I may have a stab at Ruby, but we'd need to do the same for Python, Java, PHP, Perl etc.
tommorris: That said, I think there should be some way that OpenID can work without being tied to HTML. That's a half-baked thought, so ignore it
tommorris: The XR[.+] stack is a route to madness though and one we need to steer clear of.
earle: Related: somewhat old W3C finding about XRI vs URI.
earle: And, by extension,
earle: A link in one of the comments shows that XRDS-Simple will probably be moving away from XRI.
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