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last updated at 2008-06-23 18:16
Query on multiple backends
andersfeder: This is the situation: I have a number of programs each generating (not storing) different triple graphs. How can I perform a query on the supergraph of these graphs? How do I 'federate' these different triple sources so I can query them collectively?
tommorris: Requires Java applets to work in your User-Agent. I took the bio I wrote of timbl for, added in timbl's bio from, then grabbed some paragraphs from articles about the SW, and we have a pretty graphic about timbl and the Web.
tommorris: I've done a few others, on Karl Marx and G.W.F. Hegel, from Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy articles -
CloCkWeR1: Actionscript APIs to visualise data - take a look at (shiny graphs)
CloCkWeR1: The 'distortion' is particularly neat for examining detailed parts of a graph
danbri: "As of version 2.3, WordPress lets you manage posts and media files using the Atom Publishing Protocol, or AtomPub. "
bengee: 1st/early version, happy to include more designs
bengee: The W3C is working on a shop, too, which should be online soon.
bengee: (kidehen is going to provide a LOD design, so there's more to come)
tommorris_: Sounds like SIOC to me... ;)
tommorris: Due to accessibility concerns, the microformats community are working out other possible ways of encoding ISO 8601 date-time formats into HTML 4/XHTML 1
tommorris: The BBC are going to be removing hCalendar from /programmes because of the accessibility concerns over the abbr-design pattern, and have said they are going to be using RDFa instead, as well as providing XML and JSON data.
danbri: I do hope rdfa enthusiasts can resist any smug-mode urges regarding this news. Time would better be spent helping review mf proposals to improve accessibility.
danbri: See also: one big happy family talk/rant...
danbri: Seems to be part of a larger event but i've not figured out quite which is what...
danbri: The mini-conference “Semantic Web and Web 2.0 Collaboration Technologies for the Knowledge Society” will promote a knowledge transfer channel where academics, practitioners, and researchers can discuss, analyze, criticize, synthesize, communicate, elaborate, and simplify the more-than-promising technology of the semantic Web in the context of information systems. This mini-conference aims to establish value-adding knowledge transfer and personal de
earle: some discussion of Atom->RDF transforms
earle: "This is an experiment to transfer an Atom Syndication Format 1.0 feed to an RDF graph by an XSLT style sheet."
earle: "AtomOwl is a project to create an official ontology for the atom syndication format."
earle: Last updated 2006.
earle: "Atom/RDF is a mapping between Atom Syntax and RDF/XML, implemented in XSLT.... The goal of Atom/RDF is to produce a semantic representation of Atom, that is round-trippable to Atom Syntax and back, with full support for Atom extensions."
earle: "2008-03-09: This documentation on this page is currently out of date with respect to the actual linked transform. The current version on this page, no longer supports RSS as it has been refactored to be a GRDDL implementation for Atom. Hopefully the RSS transform will be added back as a separate transform later."
danja_: several other candidate mappings are around, hope is to agree on a good one for grddl
tommorris: The Ruby/Rails crowd have been having tremendous fun working on stuff that uses Bonjour (or Zeroconf or mDNSresponder) and it sure is fun.
tommorris: Wondering whether a Bonjour SPARQL endpoint 'thingy' would be cool too - imagine the use cases: need to find something while at a conference? Check the Bonjour-net!
earle: With the advent of contacts APIs from all the major email players, Chris Messina compares various contact schemas and pleads for a common format.
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