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last updated at 2008-06-12 15:13
andersfeder: is this a standard way of expressing 'nested' graphs?
CaptSolo: works with Firefox 3.0
CaptSolo: new features - detects and shows any RDF autodiscovery links, as well as RDFa and Exhibit data
CaptSolo: it is a Firefox extension that displays status bar icons to indicate presence of Semantic Web (RDF) data in the web page. Click icons to explore this information in more detail.
is there something to the effect of an 'or' operator in SPARQL?
shellac: in the sense of {?x :nephew ?z} OR {?x :sibling ?y; ?y :child ?z}
kjetilkWork: Often, UNION creates performance problems though
kjetilkWork: In which case, one might consider using OPTIONALs, and finally use FILTER (bound(?foo) )
bblfish: ontology relating a foaf:Person to a time slice of that person, and some popular notions people use for what they want to do now
bblfish: Though it would do with a but of improovement in presentation. Also one can't cwm
bblfish: namespace still needs to be set. is not owned by anyone
bblfish: really cool otherwise. I want it now :-)
bengee: s/val/value/ and s/dt/datatype/
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