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last updated at 2008-06-10 23:25
earle: "XEN is an extension of XFN. Negative relationship terms have been omitted from XFN by design."
earle: for danbri, who actually has an "archnemesis" in his FOAF file
RDF properties with arguments
andersfeder: If <> denotes a string literal, how would one go about constructing an RDF statement expressing the levenshtein distance between said literal and "foo"?
andersfeder: (if, say, <> denoted levenshtein distance)
earle: "Purpose: To allow users of one microblogging service to publish notices to users of another service, given the other users' permission."
earle: "Depends on OAuth 1.0, OAuth Discovery 1.0, YADIS 1.0."
earle: Perhaps SMOB can gain support for this?
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