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last updated at 2008-05-02 16:45
kidehen: First cut, XBRL to RDF
kidehen: Demo Subject: Microsoft
kidehen: Based on XBRL instance doc:
kidehen: passed through Virtuoso Sponger Cartridge (RDFizer) for XBRL
kidehen: XBRL Ontology project home:
DanC: "SMW has various interfaces to directly export data to other systems. In addition to the long-standing RDF/XML export, we now also have iCal support"
danbri: Nearby: mail thread
danbri: Posted as Henry mentioned he was looking at Cwm/maths
danbri: Part of the Tech Plenary and Advisory Committee meetings week
danbri: blogged too.
danbri: Is this still state of the art? Implemented? Works well? What's the interaction with OWL 2.0?
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