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last updated at 2008-04-03 15:33
bblfish: sequence diagram at:
bblfish: trying to build a prototype implementation
danbri: Feedback sought: can we live with changing the #swig logs to have foaf:ChatEvent instead of foaf:chatEvent ?
danbri: Out of scope for this, but worth thinking about: distinguishing which chat events are from authenticated users, associated with a Freenode OnlineAccount
danbri: So we can search for things said by the real danbri whose contribs are auth'd against nickserv, versus the various imposters around here :)
danbri: Can a userspace logger even make that distinction easily?
danbri: Seems to require Silverlight :(
danbri: But if you have that, apparently Nova Spivack is on, talking about Twine
danbri: The irc logger here generates it, but the foaf schema doesn't record it yet.
danbri: Question: what's the cost of changing the punctuation to be 'ChatEvent' vs 'chatEvent' (ie. to be more typical for an RDF class). How do we investigate these costs?
timbl: Change it today :)
danbri: dajobe, could you back-convert the old logs easily?
danbri: I think this is a standard question we should ask with vocab changes: for not-so-diffuse data, is a global update feasible?
danbri: Another question is: what downstream apps/queries use it...
danbri: Having a single site/tool generate a billion triples is different to having those triples spread independently across the Web.
danbri: This is 5 mins work, ... there is so much subtlety missing.
danbri: Inspired by Google Motion charts (from gapminder originally); see Google Visualisation API
danja_: essentially "we use a few microformats"
danja_: but... "We will hopefully be experimenting with RDF and FoaF in the coming months."
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