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last updated at 2008-04-02 22:24
danbri: From original by Libby and Damian; Mindlessly-transliterated Ruby version by ... me.
danbri: Uses my old RubyRdf Squish implementation. Would be sweet to have it modernised using SPARQL and a maintained Ruby toolkit...
danbri: Might be a ruby version around somewhere...
danbri: Yes, Ruby existed in 2002 :)
danbri: "if you want speed you need to spend" ... anyone looked at parallelising this? We have EC2 now :)
danbri: Apparently just started...
danbri: At BT Centre, 81 Newgate Street. London EC1A 7AJ, just across from St. Paul's tube station, starting 11am, all day.
danbri: I'll be there for some of it, but there's also a dataportability lunch, haven't figured the travel logistics or a hotel yet.
danja: "The Universal RDF Encoder works by decomposing data into its simplest parts and then representing those pieces, along with their relationships in RDF. The semantics are provided by the Binary Ontology."
danja: released yesterday (the date might be significant :-)
danja: see also : elephant paints self-portrait video (1903 comments!)
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