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last updated at 2008-02-18 20:38
DanC: see also connolly on
tommorris: PDF slides from my RDF for beginners session at SemanticCamp. Done in traditional 'Keynote' style - ie. visual aid rather than long explanatory prose.
bengee: getting closer to a coordinated effort for RDF in Drupal
danja_: timbl's diagram - fun already, can't wait for it to get grddl & sparql too
DanC: see also Noah's recent draft finding on the self-describing web (my notes are in hardcopy; hope to transcribe soon)
gromgull: Part of the Scripting for Semantic Web workshop:
gromgull: Wonderful amazing prizes from Talis!
gromgull: First prize kindly sponsored by Talis!
tommorris: At 1230 GMT, get over on to this page and signup!
tommorris: /me hopes that SemanticCamp might prompt more SWIGgers to go to BarCamps.
libby: the london one was good fun - thanks tommorris and all :-)
DanC: seems to be a last-call-to-be draft
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