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last updated at 2008-02-12 23:49
danbri: "The Relationship Update Stream is an endless feed of social relationship data, designed for web services to be able to send and receive information when changes to social relationships on their service occur."
danbri: Try it with curl, not a Web browser.... --danbri
DanC_lap: Aaron Swartz (Open Library)
DanC_lap: 3:40pm Tuesday, 02/12/2008
DanC_lap: Broadway North, New York Marriott Marquis Times Square
TedThibodeauJr: "Last November Carl Malamud¹s Public.Resource.Org announced an initiative to free 1.8 million pages of U.S. case law, publishing them online with no restrictions on reuse."
TedThibodeauJr: "Today the results of this initiative are available at "
kidehen: Next stop. Linked Data corpus generation I guess :-)
TedThibodeauJr: "These cases and codes are America¹s operating system and for the first time Americans can use them with freedom." - Malamud
mahound: Request for criticism :)
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