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last updated at 2008-02-06 23:22
yvesr: Playing with Linked Data, Jamendo, Geonames, /facet and Songbird
yvesr: Interacting with Creative Commons music through a google map in Songbird
masaka: Yudai's weblog entry to announce SPARQL Engine Demo (@ja)
masaka: from Yudai. "The library is under development of alpha version. Internet Explorer is not supported yet. Implemented: basic triple pattern, string literal, prefiexd name... and so on: very very small subset."
masaka: "Hercules is a simple JavaScript library for O/Rdf mapping. You can query about RDF resources to remote SPARQL Servers with very compact JavaScript codes. No need to write SAPQRL query and configurations (CoC)."
danbri: This looks really great! I hope it continues to develop...
danja: "The n2 community is open to anyone who wishes to develop with the Talis Platform. Membership is free! All we ask is that you talk to us and tell us how we can make the Platform even better for you. We'd like you to use the Platform to build cool software so we'll do all we can to help you be successful in that."
danja: (the platform is SemWeb as a Service)
danja: hosted content+rdf stores
danja: developers pained by admin take note
danja: yes, we want your triple's babies!
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