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last updated at 2008-01-18 19:36
TedThibodeauJr: one possible project management ontology...
Wondering about ontologies for resumees
timbl: HR-XML consortium produces a librray including a schema and example.
timbl: Chuck Allen on hResume: "I don’t think there is sufficient structure or detail within hResume to accomplish the type of pre-population of an application form contemplated within an HR services use case"
timbl: Add pointers to other CV / resume ontologies?
bengee: ResumeRDF, CaptSolo's 2002 CV vocab revisited (by himself)
bengee: the latter worked fine for me to map hResume to RDF
bengee: DOAC - Description of a Career
Earle_Martin: "February 18, 2006 - DOAC and CV are to be merged together." I wonder if this has happened yet?
bengee: (via scor on #semsol)
bengee: Someone seems to be working on an RDFbus for Drupal
timbl: Sounds as though someone gets it. :)
bengee: A new home
bengee: some minor tweaks (got rid of hasPropertyOf pattern, removed inverses)
bengee: Some examples from 2004
bengee: there's still hope to get it on eventually, though
Earle_Martin: This concludes my searching for the evening.
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