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last updated at 2008-01-16 19:37
Arnia: My thoughts on future directions for the Web idea, and the rôle of cognitive science and uncertainty in it all.
TedThibodeauJr: there was a question of whether Virtuoso was based on MySQL ... which it wasn't :-)
bblfish: the most silly bit is the idea that you can fight technology by ignoring it. The only real way to fight centralisation of information is to create distributed networks.
kidehen: RDF Store Benchmarks using DBpedia
kidehen: This is an update of the prior release with corrected numbers for Virtuoso
kidehen: Benchmarks are based on Virtuoso 5.0.2. Current release is 5.0.3, and 6.0 edition has just exited R&D with major Cluster induced Scalability enhancements
danja: Feb 2006
danja: but where does the TAG finding on httpRange-14 leave http: PSIs?
masaka: PSI is 'Published Subject Indicator', which is an information resource that is regarded as an identifier of the subject. Hence it's quite natural to give an http: URI to a PSI.
kjetilkWork: subject related to this message to SWEO
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