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last updated at 2008-01-15 17:21
danbri: "RDQL as presented in this submission does not provide special-case support for querying of RDF containers and collections, for marking certain statements as 'optional', nor for querying the source or 'provenance' of RDF statements. The resulting simplicity of the specification adds to the appeal of RDQL as a mechanism for RDF query; however further discussion and evaluation is needed to determine the costs and benefits associated with these design tra
danbri: Some time later, we have OPTIONAL and GRAPH ...
LeeF: Three SPARQL specifications published as W3C Recommendations
LeeF: Contains links to specifications, press release, and testimonials
bijan: At the first F2F, the OWL WG decided to take up the cause of specing keys and compound keys as was being explored but the OWLED DatabasEsque features task force
bijan: They are currently defined by a translation to first order logic, but the translated axioms are notational variants of DL Safe SWRL rules. I believe that in the case of RDFS kbs (assuming only disjointness of types reasoning) that the ground entailments should be the same as with most Datalog inspired rules systems
bijan: We introduce new syntax, for which we haven't yet provided an RDF Mapping (input welcome).
bijan: This is currently merely a proposal to the WG. The WG has not agreed to the proposal or even that EasyKeys will be in the spec.
bengee: an rdf-based who is who
bengee: apparently bootstrapped from dbpedia, although dbpedia's rdf dumps are prolly still easier on the eyes than the tinfinger site ;)
hendler: my puff piece in IEEE Computer about Sem Web and "Web 3.0"
hendler: comments welcome
hendler: (I'm not sure about access to this - hope it is open, but I'm getting some weird IP-based passthrough)
bijan: Interesting...this is the first time I've heard of a team submission.
bijan: My first thought is that I don't get, from the title, how this relates to Turtle
bijan: Ah I see: "Turtle is another subset, for only expressing RDF. It is like n3-rdf below except that it does not have the path syntax. It is a subejct of a searate document."
bijan: Hmm. Then I think the title is misleading, since N3 is not merely an RDF Syntax, but a syntax for an extended RDF.
bijan: (Note, all this Bijanic commentary was due to the fact that his fingers thing the F-key is the same as the B-key)
bijan: Oh, I see there are quite a few team submissions. I had no idea.
bijan: The grammar link 404s......
bijan: And it's a BNF in N3...not sure how wise it is to have the bootstrap spec in the language being speced...I see they acknowledge that and give 4 other formats...all which 404 :)
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