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last updated at 2008-01-14 20:46
bengee: implemented as an ARC2 plugin
bengee: Requires ARC2, but no MySQL backend, see the Documentation for setup instructions
bengee: following mortenf's recent inventions of plugins for ARC, and make-it-as-simple-as-possible-via-a-single-go-method ;)
m94mni: Major update of DCMI Metadata Terms documentation
tommorris: Just open sourcing the Java servlet (uses Jena, o' course) that I used to do FOAF import on the SemanticCamp site.
tommorris: Feel free to reuse, rip apart, improve - the idea is that we come up with common code, queries and so on to solve the sort of use case scenarios that people want for portable data. Running Code > Tests > Schema > Specifications > Discussion > Good intentions.
tommorris: PHP hCard code to follow...
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