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last updated at 2008-01-11 19:27
sbp: “No default means that the recipient will look at the internal information.” — but this usually means pretty evil heuristics because you can't interpret a bytestream until you know its encoding. So theoretically you can't get an encoding from a bytestream full stop.
sbp: The way that HTML 4.01 gets around this is to essentially say that you should use ASCII up until and including the meta Content-Type declaration.
sbp: XML has its own baroque procedure that I'm not fully acquainted with.
DanC: thread starts with a 27 Dec message
timbl: Includes and easy DOM-> RDF store parser which tabulator could use?
DanC: seems to do OK on ; only 2 boxes which give dc:title and dc:date of a linked document
yvesr: AudioScrobbler data as RDF, linked to Musicbrainz
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