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last updated at 2007-12-28 15:21
nslater: Funny article about the MUMPS lanaguage, p.s. dc_swig I hate you ;)
nslater: Emacs: Latest stable release: 22.1
Use Inherent Metadata
logger: See discussion
sbp: Just a reminder of where I should've written this pattern up for use in a debate.
sbp: The really simply summary is that inherent metadata auto-maintains itself and is always in sync, which is not true of metadata that's added by the user. Version numbers, for example, have to be incremented in each build process, whereas modification times and hashes are automatic.
sbp: A related pattern, or apophthegm or whatever, is DanC's "data that isn't consumed rots. ergo model only those distinctions that you can exploit." - to www-calendar.
LeeF_: Is this the current best RDFy way of describing service interfaces, endpoints, operations, etc?
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