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last updated at 2007-12-27 15:55
danja: paper from 2004
Arnia: A paper on using Non-Axiomatic semantics (second-order uncertainty) to do personal preference/recommendation systems
danja: Jeni Tennison has use cases around genealogy
tommorris: Just updated the documentation on GetSemantic for how to use Jena for SPARQL
tommorris: Hoping that some Java uber-dorks can look it over and make it bettah!
Arnia: "As a result in analogy to XML/XSLT the combination JSON/JSONT can be used to transform JSON data into any other format by applying a specific set of rules."
Arnia: An XPath equivalent for JSON
Arnia: "The Micro Web is a way of using Web technology (Javascript, DOM, URIs, HTTP) and good Web architecture, including event-driven servers, to deliver all the essential Web 2.0 functionality"
Arnia: "Micro resources link up in a Web. See the links in the picture (coloured green) between micro resources (labelled 'µ'). Of course, links to and from the Mother Web are also welcome."
Arnia: "UIDs and URLs within a micro resource are surrounded by hyphens to distinguish them. Inter-micro resource links within the micro resource are also indicated by surrounding hyphens. Ordinary Web links can also appear within these hyphens."
tommorris: Those who do not learn RDF are forced to reinvent it... badly.
tommorris: Complexity is kinda unavoidable like that.
Arnia: On the other hand, RDF is hardly the be-all and end-all
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