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last updated at 2007-12-21 19:42
kidehen: Distributed Objects and the Web
kidehen:'s the minimum amount of distributed object technology necessary to get the job done.....
kidehen: quoting DanC :-)
kidehen: All discussions about URIs need to build connections back to the topic of Location, Value, and Structure Independent URIs as well understood in the OODMS world of yore
kidehen: URIs become a lot easier to comprehend. Also, Resources are Data Objects
kidehen: ...The Web we see today is a tribute to the power of opaque objects: some resources are implemented by simple file servers, some by perl scripts, some by expert systems, some by three-tiered database systems, and for all I know, some by COBOL programs. And some of them are powered by advanced object technology applications. The power is that the same clients interoperate with them all through the same simple interface consisting of
kidehen: HTTP was design as a distributed realization of the Objective C (originally Smalltalk) message passing infrastructure: the first few bytes of every HTTP message are a method name: GET or POST. Uniform Resource Locator is just the result of squeezing the term object reference through the IETF standardization process.
kidehen: last of DanC quote snippets
kidehen: ... a quotd someday: erm object reference through the IETF standardization process ....
kidehen: again, from DanC
danja: (IMHO) some unnecessary duplication with Review vocab, (if rat:about inverseOf rev:hasReview), but also some potentially useful additions
ldodds: Java GUI tools that wraps Jena & ARQ to provide a quick way to write and execute SPARQL queries
ldodds: Provides support for querying data in memory, in relational databases, and remote SPARQL endpoints
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