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last updated at 2007-12-18 17:19
sbp: From TimBL's Hypertext Style Guide, the same series of essays that gave rise to the now famous Cool URIs Don't Change. Yes, the rest of the series is just as awesome!
sbp: I've been thinking about this with respect to Semantic Web (User) Agents. I already figured that the user shouldn't have to worry about RDF and triples; it's just nodes and arcs, which are described in graphs.
sbp: But... why should the user have to worry about nodes and arcs and graphs either? On the web it's just documents and links, and we don't think about those too hard. Now instead of documents we have anything and instead of untyped links we have anything. That's a lot to handle! And that's before you introduce the notion of partial description, i.e. that nodes can be described in multiple graphs.
sbp: In the UI, that's a lot to have to present. That's a lot for the user to handle. Therefore, Avoid Talking About Mechanisms. I'm trying to work out how to make all of this as natural as possible.
sbp: "Even when you are working within the web metaphor, use links, don't talk about them."
ericP: says that in HTTP's use of MIME, text/ entities can use any of CR|LF|CRLF, and that charsets other than 8859-1 must be included in the media type declaration
sbp: Be careful that you don't end up identifying graphs with HTTP URIs that return a 200.
sbp: See also Named RDF Graphs - A Warning
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