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last updated at 2007-12-17 16:54
sbp: This shows how RDF discovery plays a part in Arcs, a Semantic Web Editor & Browser that I'm hacking on. Arcs lets people navigate around some nodes described in a set of RDF graphs, and of course it's nice to be able to load in new data.
sbp: So for example here I'm bringing up information about a person (using Tim since his FOAF file is nicely managed for this sort of thing), and then clicking Show Graph Links to bring up a blob next to every resource shown in this node view.
sbp: Note that when the blobs come up at first, they're a mid-grey. Then Arcs goes and does RDF discovery on all of the links, which means a series of HEADs and possibly peeking at the files, and turns the blobs either blue indicating that it reckons there's RDF data afoot, or light grey, which means it doesn't think it can get anything there.
sbp: Though it means a lot of network activity if you're displaying a lot of data, it's really nifty because it shows you what things you can further explore in Arcs by adding more data, and what things you'll probably have to look on the web (for which there's a Show Web Links thing too).
sbp: Sorry that this is follow-the-mouse. When I tried doing a larger view it just kept crashing due to my RAM being hogged by Firefox I presume. More tinkering required.
sbp: Looking at a screenshot first might help.
sbp: Garret Wilson on the confusions of text/* and character encoding.
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