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last updated at 2007-12-08 18:33
TedThibodeauJr: from discussion tying Semantic Web terminology to Distributed Object / Database terminology
TedThibodeauJr: from
TedThibodeauJr: to
G3 > Semantic Web
sbp: And there's aren't many things one might confuse it with. Overall, I'd say G3 > Semantic Web > GGG, where > in this case means "will in general be perceived as trendier than".
sbp: What would you rather call the Tabulator? A GGG Browser, a Semantic Web Browser, or a G3 Browser?
sbp: The logical conclusion to this is going to be that we call it the Radspace or something though...
sbp: The topography of the Semant... er, the G3, became a lot clearer to me after thinking about the things that TimBL's been trying to tell us for years. Instead of documents & links, it's a three part system: graphs & nodes & arcs. One of the UI challenges is presenting the graph/node/arcs paradigm as closely to the old document/links paradigm as not to be confusing, but whilst making the differences clear.
sbp: A new G3 (Semantic Web) node might represent an old W3 (World Wide Web) document, of course, and similarly W3 links might be represented as G3 arcs. But there's nothing in the old web that's like G3 graphs. On the W3, a document is on a server and that's it. On the G3, many graphs may talk about a particular node. This is what gives it its AWESOME POWER (the RAD- in RADSPACE).
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