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last updated at 2007-11-30 11:57
danja: first question is "What's the elevator pitch on what the semantic web is and what promise it holds?"
danja: Paul dodges the question, any suggestions here?
sbp: The classic one is Connolly's Lamentation: why do we do manually what computers should be doing for us? The WWW has made documentation globally and interoperably available, but has lagged behind doing the same for data. The Semantic Web aims to fix that by providing new formats and cool data remixing tools and strategies to help people do simple things like merging travel schedules, annotating photographs, and integrating other interesting datasets more easily.
danja: Connolly's Banes
hendler: I usually say "My document can point at your document on the Web, but my database can't point at something in your database without writing special purpose code. The SW aims at fixing that."
hendler: that's sort of for the "corporate sem web" - when I want to go for the big picture, I say something like what Tim says much better in the GGG blag
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