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last updated at 2007-11-27 23:50
tommorris: Planning a BarCamp-style unconference about the Semantic Web in early 2008 in central London.
tommorris: Looking for participants, organisational help, sponsorship, food, venues etc.
tommorris: Consider this the unconference equivalent of a CFP - only because it's an unconference, there is no schedule.
tommorris: Not just for RDF-o-nauts, but also for anyone interested in data on the web, semantics, metadata and the challenges of the transition to the data web.
iand: obWeb: "Negroponte has demanded that the keyboard will not contain a caps lock key, which frees up keyboard real estate for new keys such as a 'view source' key. "
bblfish: When I try I get this picture
bblfish: the cache at shows what I was expecting
bblfish: I am in Sao Paulo Brazil. Anyone else have this problem?
bblfish: this is what I see now from the cache
sbp: Massively out of date.
sbp: The official RDF primer is a bit better. E.g. its section on collections/rdf:List.
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