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last updated at 2007-11-23 22:38
chimezie: Some insightful points about the challenges faced by the notion of semantic web agents
danbri: "There is realization now, "It's not the documents, it is the things they are about which are important". Obvious, really.", TimBL in
danbri: Timely in that I blogged same day an older quote, "To a computer, then, the web is a flat, boring world devoid of meaning. This is a pity, as in fact documents on the web describe real objects and imaginary concepts, and give particular relationships between them."
tommorris: - Events/SWIG Special Event in Bristol
tommorris: includes schedule for this afternoon
ldodds: see also The Rabbit Language (PDF!)
ldodds: Rabbit is a natural language syntax for OWL
ldodds: "We have named this
tommorris: April 22, 2008 in Beijing, China
mmmmmrob: s2o SPARQL to Object, maps SPARQL to JSON
leobard: A flirrel is a fluffy squirrel. The complete definition of how to distinguish a squirrel from a flirrel is not available yet - but will come pretty soon:keep your flirrel and your squirrel pictures ready!
ldodds: built by asemantics, see backround description
ldodds: See also FlyTED
danja: #talis for chat
ldodds: Ian Davis presenting overview of platform at SWIG-UK meeting
danja: Talis Platform homepage (non-tech blurb)
danja: Platform provides sets of stores, content/meta, delivered software as a service model
gromgull: Given by Andreas Dengel at Google, September07
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